Rambling Sessions with Anupreet Singh: Episode #1

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Get full access to our 3-hour webinar where we discuss outbound selling, the journey from $0 to $10 million in ARR, and other tips & techniques for aspiring sales professionals with 6 of the biggest B2B sales experts from across the globe.


  1. Mistakes & Learnings from the $0 to $1 million Journey - Prakhar Jain, Director of Global Sales at Whatfix
  2. What Makes a B2B SaaS Company Fundable? - Prayank Swaroop, Partner, Accel Ventures)
  3. How to Scale a B2B SaaS Business (and Sell It) - Ketan Kapoor, Ex Founder/CEO - Mettl, Founder/CEO
  4. Best Practices: Outbound Sales - Laxman Papineni, Founder/CEO, Outplay
  5. Importance of Mental Health in Sales - Shruti Kapoor, Founder/CEO, Wingman
  6. Strategy: $0 to $1M and $1M to $10M - Abhijeet, Founder/CEO, Nektar.ai
  7. Buying Intent: The Future of Sales - Deepak Anchala, Founder/CEO, Slintel -

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